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Vintage Sonor snare drums

On this page you'll find a lot of Sonor drums produced from early 1900 till the 90ties. This is also the place to find out what type of snare you have.

Sonor marching drum Erste Trommelfabrik Weissenfels 1906.

Sonor concert snare 354-1 Chrome 1936-1937.

Sonor military marching drum 1907.......

Sonor snare Extra 1936 1951 wood ecrú.

Sonor snare extra 1936 1951

COB chrom over brass.

Sonor snare Extra 1936 1951

NOB nickel over brass.

Sonor snare modell USA 361-7 1927 Chrom

Sonor snare perceo 1927

Sonor snare perceo 50ties chrom

Sonor snare Favorite 1936 .

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