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Vintage Sonor catalog collection

Vintage Sonor Drums

These are covers of the old Sonor catalogs before WW2.

Catalog 1927

Catalog 1929

Catalog 1930

Catalog 1931

Catalog 1932

Catalog 1936_37

These are covers of the other old Sonor catalogs I collected.

Catalog 1950

Besides the more "common" catalogs from the 70ties and younger, which are still offered from time to time, i got the chance to aquire also some 60ties and 50ties catalogs.
But the greatest find were 8 original pré WW2 Sonor catalogs, of which no one believed they still excist. Many information gaps could be closed and a lot of drums could be placed in time now.
Of course I found many "new" Sonor products in these catalogs, but it still feels like finding the treasures in Aladdins cave.
Old pics of the Sonor factory and the manufactering process can be find in these catalogs
I also found a few pricelists in these catalogs.
A part of the quest has been completed, but there's still so much to explore in the wondrous world of Sonor drums

Click to go to the Sonor museum website were you can also find information about vintage Sonor drums.