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Vintage Sonor collection

Vintage Sonor Drums

On this site you'll find the fruits of my collecting ediction that started about 10 years ago.
As a amateur drummer for over 45 years, i always played Sonor.
I had the same Sonor Action set for almost 30 years.
At one point i got the possibility to buy a Sonor Force 3000 in "Maserbirke" finish. Actually this set was the first set of my collection. In the following years many sets and single Sonor drums joined the collection.
With every new set or drum my curiosity and knowledge grew. I've special interest in Sonor teardrops and the earlyer models. I'm also digging into Sonors history, because there's a great lack of information, specially about the early days, because the Link family had to escape to Western Germany during WW2, leaving everything behind.

Henk Claessen.